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feb 20 2017 new vid, new songs & airplays

It's been a while, so here's an update on what's been going on.


I made a little video to my song "Biest" - my only song in German so far. Hope you folks like it:

I'm currently working on new music for album #2. "Gaslight" is about finished. "Dark Waters" still needs a little something. And there's more in the waiting line. I'll let you know as soon as there's new Lazo sounds to be heard.


Luckily, I got a few airplays recently. Turns out to be a tough business trying to have radio stations play weird music like mine. I need a lot of patience, stamina and confidence in my music to keep going. EgoFM - which is actually a true alternative to mainstream radio and a fountain of inspiration if you're into discovering new music - played a few of my songs and thought about inviting me to their studio. Well, it seems they haven't decided about that yet. If you wanna support me, feel free to email to and tell them you'd love to have Lazo featured in their program "Lokalhelden".


So far for now.

Stay tuned, get in touch.


Encounters are everything.


xoxo Lazo


oct 1 2016 album available digitally & physically

You can now get your own copy of

"The Most Unlikely Creature"


The physical CD (containing 10 original tracks and a lovely booklet in a jewel box) is available via my shop only and on my label's online shop soonish, too.


If you prefer the digital version of the album, you can find it on iTunes, amazon, Deezer, Spotify and pretty much everywhere else in this universe.


I'm already working on new music, so be sure to stay tuned.


xoxo Lazo

aug 18 2016 album coming very soon

Finally Thommy and I finished the album artwork, so "The Most Unlikely Creature" is now in production and will be released September 1st. 


The album will contain 10 original tracks and a beautiful booklet featuring drawings by myself.


You may already preorder the album here, alongside a personal dedication if desired. Just leave me a message with your order if you wish so.

jul 14 2016 label deal and online shop

This week I signed my upcoming album "The Most Unlikely Creature" to befriended independent label 38db(A).

I'm terribly happy and proud to become part of this little independent label that absolutely supports its featured artists and the music they're making. So I, as a musician, can unchainedly follow my weird visions.


Next step: album release. Can't wait!


A little earlier this summer I established this new website and a tiny online shoppe. You can preorder the album there or purchase Lazo's spaceman buttons and/or a set of three creature postcards. Feel free to do so. :)


Thank you

xoxo Lazo

apr 15 2016 we made an album

You folks are sheer madness!

Thanks to your support my album can go into production soon. You raised incredible 652 € (including donations outside the official campaign).

I gratefully bow to all of you who pulled their weight. It'll take a little time till you get your perks. But be sure: they will come to you with a whole lot of love. I'll keep you updated.

Once again MANY MANY MANY THOUSAND THANKS to all contributors! I'll keep it in mind!

xoxo Lazo

mar 17 2016 let's make an album

You can help me make my album - pretty easily.
If you want to support my project, visit my indiegogo-campaign. You can donate from 1€ only. If you spend a little more (from 8€) you'll also get nice rewards for your support.
If you want to back me, but don't have the money to contribute: it's also grand help for me if you share the campaign and tell your mates about it.
For further details about the project, please click on the link:…/lazo-s-debut-album-the-most-unl…

Of course, you can also send me a message if you got more questions about the project.


xoxo Lazo/Peter

feb 25 2016   i'm on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify

If you tend to like my remix of Souvenir Season's "The Black Of You" - feel free to grab it. There's several possibilities to do so:
>> Buy & download via Bandcamp (the most artist-friendly of the three)
The track's available for 1€ (or more, if you wish to support me and my upcoming album). The whole EP (additionally also featuring remixes of the band's songs by Bunched, mHb and Dé Von Campbell) is 4 € (or more).
>> Buy & download via iTunes (second best, in my opinion)
My remix: 0,99€, the whole EP 2,99. This is obviously cheaper and there's no possibility to donate more.
>> Listen via Spotify (yeah, it's just listening and doesn't really support the artists)
Anyways - you'll decide what fits you best. I'll be happy bout everyone who likes my track.
xoxo Lazo ♪♫

oct 01 2015   lazo won the competition

I can hardly believe it - but I actually won this remix competition alongside those amazing artists Bunched and mHb. You'll be able to grab my Remix of Souvenir Season's "The Black Of You" soon via iTunes and Bandcamp. So proud and happy! :)