You can order my debut album and some merch here.

album "the most unlikely creature"

My debut album "The Most Unlikely Creature" was released on September 1st 2016.

The physical CD comes in a jewel case and features 10 original tracks and a beautiful 12-page booklet with drawings by Lazo.

The album is released via 38dB(A), album artwork and photographs by Thommy Gebhardt.



1. On My Waysides

2. Mindgapping

3. Barcelona

4. Let Gravity Rule

5. Strongman Sandow

6. Biest

7. Firebugs

8. Holly & I

9. Boxed In And Out

10. Fainthearted Heart


Comes along with a personal dedication if desired. Just leave me a message with your order.


The album is also available as a digital download version on Bandcamp,  iTunes, Deezer, amazon etc. Take a look here for further information.


You can tune into all of the featured tracks here:


Audio CD

5,00 €

  • verfügbar / available
  • lieferbar in 3-5 Tagen ab Veröffentlichung / ships within 3-5 days after release.1

postcard set "3 creatures"

A set of 3 postcards. They are printed editions of postcards that were handdrawn by Lazo for the crowdfunding campaign of the album.

Postcard set

3,00 €

  • verfügbar / available
  • lieferbar in 3-5 Tagen / ships within 3-5 days1

spaceman button

1,50 €

  • verfügbar / available
  • lieferbar in 3-5 Tagen / ships within 3-5 days1

"creature in a bag"-set

very limited super extra special edition!

It's all the Lazo stuff in one bag:

the album "the most unlikely creature", the "3 creatures" postcard set and the astronaut button. Everything put together in a handpainted astronaut clothbag. This set is limited to 5 - so better be quick! :)

20,00 €

  • begrenzt / limited
  • lieferbar in 3-5 Tagen / ships within 3-5 days1